The West Australian Pulse Showcase

A number of our Year 12 ATAR Visual Arts students took time out during their busy exam period to share their final pieces with the ̨aƬSearch, including Josh L and Sophie P, whose works were selected for inclusion in ‘The West Australian Pulse 2024” at the Art Gallery of WA. 

What is The West Australian Pulse 2024?

WA's talented young artists are celebrated in this yearly showcase, gauging the pulse of young people who will influence, empower and shape the world we live in.

The selected works provide a window into young people’s private, social and artistic concerns. It is an inspiring, rewarding and insightful look at the world through the minds of our most talented young artists.

The West Australian Pulse will feature works by the 2023 Year 12 Visual Arts graduates from schools across WA.

The works were selected by a judging panel of Western Australian Artists, AGWA Curators and Education Officers from the Dept of Education, WA.

Arreum Han-Caporn