WA Middle School Ethics Olympiad

We are absolutely delighted that two Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch (Year8) teams competed in the 2023 WA Middle School Ethics Olympiad on 14 November 2023.

One of our teams was the Overall Winner, winning Gold Medals and the other team was given an honourable mention from the Judges! The winning team has also been invited to participate in the 2024 Australasian Ethics Olympiad. This is an incredible achievement given the calibre of the competition and we are extremely proud of the outstanding results.

The Ethics Olympiad is unique in that it empowers students from across the globe to engage in rigorous and critical discussions of real-life 'Ethical Issues and Moral Dilemmas'. It fosters collaboration and teamwork and enables students to dissect and explore the Morals and Values that govern our everyday behaviour.

Lastly, thank you, Mr Adrian Richmond, for your fantastic mentoring and every Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch student who competed displayed an exceptional level of courage and commitment, which is to be commended!

Nisha Mudaliar