Frequently Asked Questions by Students

1.     Questions about support:

a.     Where do I go if I need immediate support?
Class teacher, Student Services, Head of Year and Wellbeing Services office (at the back of the library building facing Student Services)

b.     Who are my key staff that can support me?
Key staff – Homeroom Teacher, Head of Year, House Community Coordinator and ̨aƬSearch Counsellors

c.     How do I book an appointment with a ̨aƬSearch Psychologist or Counsellor?
You can request a consultation HERE: /wellbeing-services

d.     How do I leave class for a Wellbeing appointment?
It is helpful if students let their class teacher know in advance that they have an appointment with a Counsellor – they can do this via email or in person. Please present your appointment slip to your Teacher.


2.     Questions about attendance:

a.     What time is the earliest students can arrive?
8.00am unless participating in a supervised activity.

b.     What time is the latest students can leave?
3.45pm unless participating in a supervised activity.

c.     How do I leave during the school day?
With written permission which must be sighted by the class teacher and handed to Student Services as they sign out.

d.     What do I do if I feel unwell during the school day?
Your teacher will sign your diary to attend Sick Bay at Student Services, who will contact your parents

e.     What do I do if I arrive late?
Students are to report to Student Services on late arrival

f.      How do I authorise my absence days?
Your absence must be reported to the Absentee Hotline by a parent. Written explanation is required on Student return for missed assessments.

g.     What are the expectations for travelling to and from the ̨aƬSearch?
A high standard of behaviour is expected whenever a student is representing the ̨aƬSearch and wearing the ̨aƬSearch uniform. Students are to comply with bus regulations including keeping feet and items which may cause damage off seats and standing for for adults, when travelling on a student fare.


3.     Questions about organisation:

a.     What is “4 for Sure”?
Items you must have with you in the classroom for every lesson:
- Device (iPad / MacBook)
- Notebook
- ̨aƬSearch Diary
- Pencil Case

b.     What do I do if I cannot participate in Physical Education or Outdoor Education classes?
You must have a written explanation from parents (in diary).

c.     What are the expectations for entering a classroom?
- Enter under direction of staff
- Line-up outside class in an orderly manner
- Stand until instructed to sit
- Wait to be dismisses at the end of lesson
- Food & drink are not be consumed in class (water bottles maybe taken into class)

d.     What are the arrangements for student lockers and locks?
A lock and locker is provided for each student. The lock remains the property of the ̨aƬSearch, a lost lock incurs a cost. The ̨aƬSearch will not recompense students for lost or damaged property that should have been stored in a locked locker.

e.     How do I order a new Smart Rider?
Please visit Student Services

f.      Where is lost property located?
Lost property is to be handed into Student Services, marked items will be advertised in the Daily Notices, read out in Homeroom.

g.     How do students receive communication at the ̨aƬSearch?
Daily Notices read out during Homeroom and via SEQTA.


4.     Questions about Academic Reports:

a.     How often will I receive a report?
1 x Progress Report (Term 1)
2 x Semester Reports (Term 2 & Term 4)

b.     What are the “Approaches to Learning” in the report?
The Approach to Learning describes the behaviours we aspire for all learners in our community to demonstrate:
- Contribute to a positive learning enviroment
- Connect with others effectively
- Demonstrate self-motivation
- Seek and Act on feed-back
- Strive for their best in all

c.     What are the “Homeroom and Pastoral Care” in the report?
The Pastoral Report reports on the learner’s:
- Participation in ̨aƬSearch Life
- Pride in the ̨aƬSearch including adhering to the ̨aƬSearch Uniform Policy
- Positive relationships with other
- Desire and commitment to trying new things
- Responses to challenges as opportunities for growth


5.     Questions about recess and lunch times:

a.     Where can we play sport or ball games?
Are restricted to the Ovals, Tennis Courts and Gymnasium. The top oval is for Year 7 & 8 students only.

b.     What are the expectations around accessing the Canteen?
Queue in an orderly manner and vacate the area upon purchase

c.     How do I buy and/or order food at the Canteen?
Visit /cafeteria for more information

d.     What areas are considered out of bounds?
The following areas are ‘Out of Bounds’ during recess & lunch:
- All staff areas, offices, classroomsand teaching areas unless accompanied by a staff member
- Car parks, driveways, bus bays and the bicycle compound
- The banks of the oval adjoining Murdoch Drive, Parry Ave and Dean Road.
- The area behind the cafeteria, Mayne block & Dean Road as well as the Auditorium, Theatre and the path leading to these venues.

e.      Can I order takeaway food or drinks to the ̨aƬSearch?
No, Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch complies with the .

f.     What is the “Hands off Procedure”?
Specifically pertains to relationships between students, the following behaviours are unacceptable:
- Overt displays of deep affection
- Unruly behaviour and rough play, including ‘play-fighting’
- Fighting or striking another person


6.     Questions about Electronic devices:

a.     Where should my valuables be kept?
Valuable are to be secured in your locker - DO NOT provide your locker combination to any other students

b.     What do I do if I need to contact a parent?
Report to Student Services, who will contact your parents

c.     Am I allowed to keep my mobile device on me during the School day?
Mobile phones are not to be used during the school day, and should be stored securely in your locker

d.     What happens if a device is confiscated?
Maybe collected at the end of the School Day, however misuse generally results in a 30minute detention as a consequence

e.     Who is responsible if my device is lost or stolen?
The ̨aƬSearch will not be responsible for the loss, misuse or damage of mobile devices


7.     General questions:

a.     How do I access information for Extra-Curricular activities?
Please visit /extra-curricular

b.     What items are not allowed/banned at the ̨aƬSearch?
The following items will be confiscated:
- Chewing gum
- Liquid paper
- Laser light gadgets
- Metal rulers or compasses
- Permanent markers
- Pocket knives, Stanley knives, Butterfly knives or similar
- Lighters, vapes or similar
- Skateboards

c.     What happens if banned items are confiscated?
These maybe collected at the end of term

d.     What are the expectations for Year 12s driving and parking on ̨aƬSearch grounds?
Students may only park in the Year 12 carpark and are not permitted to access vehicles during the school day

e.     How do visitors access the ̨aƬSearch?
All visitors are required to report to ̨aƬSearch reception

f.      What are the opening times for the Uniform Shop?
Monday 8.00am - 11.00am
Wednesday 8.00am - 1.40pm
Friday 12.30pm - 4.00pm
Please visit /uniform-shop for more information

g.     Where can I find key ̨aƬSearch Procedures?
Please visit /procedures