Learning Support


Diversity and Inclusivity

As an inclusive community where every student is valued and fully participates in a quality educational program as an equal member of the school community, Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch has developed two programs to support students with learning needs. One is administered through the Diversity Team which supports students who require literacy, numeracy and/or organisational support in mainstream classes, so as to fully participate in the senior secondary graduation courses and another, through the Inclusive Learning Centre for students with disabilities. 

The values that underpin these programs are the same for all students at the ̨aƬSearch, challenging them to use their God given talents to strive for excellence in all that they do, aiming to identify, reduce or eliminate barriers which limit students' educational participation and achievement.

Diverse Learning Centre

The Diversity Team supports students in the ̨aƬSearch who require a variety of adjustments to teaching and learning to enable them to access the curriculum in working towards reaching their full learning potential.

Meeting the diverse learning needs of students at Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch is achieved with the effective support of the Diversity Team, which has specialist staff in teaching literacy and numeracy focused on providing programs, extra support and coordination of information on students who require this support.

Inclusive Learning Center

Students with complex needs may require particular considerations and special arrangements, higher levels of support, differentiated curriculum and/or specialist assistance.  A strong partnership is formed with parents to form the individualised learning plans in the context of the programs offered by the ̨aƬSearch.

The ̨aƬSearch has a purpose built Inclusive Learning Center (ILC) catering for students with complex needs from Years 7 to 12, each following an individualised education or transition plan.  Students requiring significant teaching and learning adjustments to the mainstream program, and those with a diagnosed disability will undertake classes primarily in the Centre.  Where possible, students are grouped according to age and included in specialist mainstream subjects and Year appropriate classes.  This strong partnership with the mainstream classes provides an opportunity for students in the Centre to develop wider friendship groups, and to be involved in extracurricular ̨aƬSearch activities.