Fees & Charges

The following information outlines fees and charges for the 2024 school year. Fees are set incorporating the costs of all items known to be an integral part of the curriculum, including: tuition, compulsory levies, year level fees, and some camps and excursions. Corpus Christi ̨aƬSearch reserves the right to alter these fees and charges at any time. 

Application Fee

The non-refundable application fee is $55. This fee is payable per applicant. 

Confirmation of Enrolment Fee

To accept your place at the ̨aƬSearch, you will be asked to sign and return the confirmation of offer documentation, together with a non-refundable confirmation of enrolment deposit.

The depositwill be credited against the first school fees account for the year of your child’s commencement.

  • Kindergarten - Year 6: $300

  • Years 7 - 12: $1,200

Please note this is a non-transferable and non-refundable fee.

Annual Tuition Fees & Levies

The following fees apply per student unless otherwise indicated:

  • Three Year Old Pre-Kindy Per Full Day Session: $85


Family Discounts

  • Second sibling attending concurrently - 20%

  • Third sibling attending concurrently - 40%

  • Fourth and subsequent siblings attending concurrently - 100%

These discounts apply to the tuition fees portion only and are automatically actioned. Discount may be forfeited for accounts not settled by the due date.

Health Card Concession

The CEWA Health Care Card Discount Scheme provides an automatic fee concession for the holders of eligible means tested Health Cards and Pensioner Concession Cards. the card must be in the name of the parent/guardian responsible for the payment of school fees and submitted to the ̨aƬSearch in January. Concessions can only be applied during the validity period of the card.

Please contact Accounts on (08) 6332 2516 or ̨aƬSearchAccounts@corpus.wa.edu.au to determine eligibility.

Payment Options & Methods

The ̨aƬSearch offers the following payment options (all accounts are to be finalised by 24 November 2024):

Additional Charges

The following items will attract additional charges:

  • University Enabling Programs (Curtin UniReady, Murdoch FlexiTrack, Notre Dame)

  • Music tuition and instrument hire

  • ̨aƬSearch bus service

  • Social events

  • Workplace Learning and VET programs

  • Materials for individual customised projects in excess of allowance (e.g. Art, Design & Technology)

While a number of camps, excursions and activities are fully subsidised by the ̨aƬSearch, there are some camps that will necessitate an extra contribution, including but not limited to: 

  • Biology ̨aƬSearch, overnight Zoo Excursion, Outdoor Education ̨aƬSearchs, Coding ̨aƬSearchs, Maths ̨aƬSearch, and the Education Support ̨aƬSearch.

Tours are considered optional and are generally self-funded by the participants, including but not limited to:

  • Canberra Tour, Languages Tours, Music Tour, Dance Tour, and Space ̨aƬSearch.

Late Payments

While the ̨aƬSearch is supportive of families who find themselves in difficult circumstances, the ̨aƬSearch rigorously follows up on all overdue accounts. This is done to ensure fairness to families who do pay fees in accordance with the ̨aƬSearch’s fee policy. Debt collection agencies or solicitors may also be engaged, and any costs incurred by the ̨aƬSearch in recovering outstanding fees will be charged to the account. 

Students will not be eligible to participate in optional excursions and tours if the school fees account is in arrears.

Financial Difficulties

For families who are experiencing genuine financial hardship and wish to apply for a concessional arrangement, please complete and provide the information in the form below. Following the receipt of this form, the Business Manager will be in contact to make an appointment to discuss your circumstances and make alternative arrangements. 

Withdrawal of Students

Notice of withdrawal requires one full term’s notice. Failure to provide this notice will result in the charge of one term’s tuition fees, as well as any additional levies and fees that are billed annually. Please ensure that you contact the Head of Junior School (K-6) or Head of Year (7-12) before submitting your intention to withdraw online here: www.corpus.wa.edu.au/withdraw


The ̨aƬSearch provides all enrolled students with student accident insurance for all school-related activities to assist parents with costs associated with injuries (subject to the terms of the policy). 

This Policy does not replace private health cover and we recommend that parents consider their family’s own medical, personal property and liability coverage needs, especially as the ̨aƬSearch is not liable for damage to, or loss of, students’ personal property.


Murdoch Drive, BATEMAN WA 6150

PO Box 279, WILLETTON WA 6955

Telephone: +61 (08) 6332 2516

Email: collegeaccounts@corpus.wa.edu.au